Update – MARCH 2014


We’re starting another year on the Oshkosh Cycling Club Board! Sunday March 2 was the Spring Elections for the club and Ben Rennert, the owner of the shop, is committed to continuing in helping the Oshkosh cycling community as an active board member for a second year.  There is a lot coming in the next few months and being in direct contact with projects and events allows us to voice thoughts heard at the shop to a higher level as well as play a major role in local cycling community.

In addition, there is a growing number of projects at the city level.  As an active member of the Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Board for the city of Oshkosh, we are committed to bringing more bike lanes, safer routes to school and other destinations, and growing the local cycling infrastructure.

The outdoor Farmers Market will be starting in only a few quick months and with the help of the Oshkosh Cycling Club we are proud to be offering bicycle parking directly in front of the store on Merritt Avenue.  The club has donated a number of racks that will be open for public parking.  While we will have an eye on the action, please remember to lock your bicycle up!

If you have any additional thoughts, questions, or concerns regarding the cycling community, please feel free to contact us and discuss.  We are committed to getting more cyclists on the road or trail and making those experiences the best possible.



We are starting to bring more and more product in every week! With our inventory tripling  (yes, that is 3x) since we opened our doors last July, we are filling the store in quite nicely.  Brands such as Niner, Brooks, Haro, and many other high quality manufactures are finding their way onto the shelves and into the racks.  Additionally, a huge increase in bike and gear from our main brand, Specialized, has been coming in and getting built up or put out onto the show-floor.


Bicycle maintenance is the heart of our store, we love, love, love taking something that doesn’t work and making it work just as good  (if not better) than when it was new.  We have been having a good number of work orders coming in that have truly been transformed and it has been a pleasure returning them to their excited owners.  We have the tools to do nearly any job and more importantly we have the experience and knowledge to perform expert work on your bicycle.  Riding bikes is fun, but service work on them is our passion.

Additionally, some service work can be a bit overwhelming, especially while out on a ride, however there are a number of basic to intermediate procedures that can be the difference between riding or walking those last 10 miles home.  If you are in question of the proper procedure for fixing a flat tire or any other ‘quick’ fix, stop down, we can do the repair together.


We will be offering a Bike Rental program starting this year.  Bikes for rent are a full size run of Specialized Crosstrail’s, which is a perfect bike for getting out around town or to enjoy a day on the WIOUWASH trail.  Check our ‘Bike Rental’ tab under BIKES on the website for details!

Last but not least, we’re having a road-gravel race at the end of summer or early fall.  Stay tuned, this is going to be fun.