Ride of a Lifetime

Great friend of the store, Kyle Shilts, is making his way from the Pacific Ocean (shores of Washington State) to Lake Winnebago.  Kyle wanted an adventure, and has turned his adventure into more than just a ride.  Over the past few months, Kyle worked hard raising funds to help cover costs for his brothers cancer treatment.  With a taste for adventure, and a very meaningful purpose to make the trip, Kyle started his voyage May 16, 2015 and is hoping to get back to Lake Winnebago sometime in early July.

KYLE SHILTS atop Washington Pass, WA

National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month.  While some states may be able to offer comfortable riding year-round, northernly states have a bit of a window for true riding weather.  Here in Wisconsin the month of May has been designated as the true ‘start’ to the riding season.  Temperatures are adequate, trails are dry, and the sun is, generally, out.  To kick things off, we got up to Appleton this past week to start things up as soon as May started.  As in 12:01 am May 1, 2015. We met up with a group of 30 some riders to welcome the National Bike Challenge.  We met some great people and rode a fun route, all at a crazy hour of the day.  Would we do it again? Yup.  Should you come next year? Yes!

IMG_0749 IMG_0753