Demo Product

Upgrades are great.  They let you customize your new or current bike and can give loads of increased performance.  These are awesome reasons to look into changing your bike, however upgrades can come with a side affect: cost benefit.

We are working hard to offer you the ability to give the upgrade a try.  We are starting with mountain product; bringing in a set of both 29″ and 650 Traverse SL Fattie wheels in.  These are mega-wide carbon rim wheels with industry-leading DT Swiss internal hubs.  Additionally, we have a 29″ DVO Diamond suspension fork to give a run.

Why offer demo’s? Simply put, this is very serious product that will give your riding experience a complete change.  On top of our expertise, actually trying this level of product out is icing on the cake.

Come try it.  Full demo-bikes are on their way too…DEMO INFO