Bkool – Indoor Trainer with an edge

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The Bkool trainer with views of the simulator
Setup with a Specialized Tarmac

Those looking for the best indoor spinning setup, have a handful of options to choose from, all of which at a premium price north of $1k.  Well, that has now changed.  With the indoor training system from Bkool, your ability to ride  preprogrammed routes, velodrome battles, or your favorite local routes are now possible, and all for well under that $1k mark. Indoor training over the winter is difficult.  The monotony of sitting in front of a screen for hours a week watching reruns of Friends or the ’89 Tour de France, tries even those with the ultimate dedication and perseverance.


Interested in more information, stop down to the store to try a demo or check out the Bkool website.



Group shot from Fall 2015 Marquette, MI trip
Group shot from Fall 2015 Marquette, MI trip

Well, if you haven’t guessed by now, we make frequent trips to ride some of the best off-road trails in the midwest.  A full weekend of riding and overall fun times were had by a good size group of us this fall.  Marquette, MI has a lot to offer and more and more keeps getting added to the trail lineup.  If you have not been, make sure to go.  Looking for a group to ride with? We’ll be planning a few trips to Marquette (and other destinations!) for either weekend, day, or 1/2 day trips.  If you want to find out when and get in the loop with our rides, sign up here:

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