Copper Harbor, MI



Recently got the chance to make a day trip to Copper Harbor, MI for a half day of epic mountain biking (When a vacation takes you within 3 hours of driving from Copper Harbor, a day trip is easy).  If you have followed our site, you have most likely seen we like to make trips to ride.  Within 6 hours of drive time, Oshkosh is situated in an amazing place geographically for some of the best mountain bike destinations in the world.  Locally, we are spoiled.  With more than 10 great spots to ride within 1.5 hours of driving it is difficult to be bored with options.  When you open this up to a radius of 6 hours of driving, you will be able to count in some of the best mountain biking in the world.  Spots like Marquette, MI and the CAMBA trails draw national attention, while a bit further out will bring you to a top 5 in the world destination.  With over 25 miles of amazing trails, ranging from beginner to expert level trails, Copper Harbor offers a fantastic trail network and something many of us are unable to find locally, digital silence.  With literally no cell service, Copper Harbor gets you away from it all, but still can offer everything you truly want.  Make the trip, check out the great in town shop, Keweenaw Adventure Company, world class mountain trails, and plenty of other hidden treats (Brickside Brewery…).  All of us from the shop love making this journey, you may even run into one of us up there throughout the year (we all hope to make it up to Copper Harbor 1-3 trips a year)!


Want to know what trails to hit? Come chat with us at the store, we’re always happy to chat mountain biking, especially Copper Harbor.

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