Cycling Without Age

Over the past few months, we have had the opportunity to partner with Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh (LHO) in bringing ‘Cycling Without Age’ to Oshkosh. Seeking another option for things to do around the complex, LHO discovered Cycling Without Age and began plans to bring it to their elders earlier this year. Cycling Without Age is a program that partners individuals who are no longer able to ride a bicycle on their own with someone who is capable. This rider, or pilot, takes control of a specially designed rickshaw that puts them in the back seat, and allows the companion who cannot pedal themselves, the full feeling of riding on their own, up front on a comfortable bench seat, equipped with a custom awning and rain cover.

Dorthe Pedersen, co-founder of Cycling Without Age, riding two residents from Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh.

We got excited when LHO approached us, looking for help with any necessary maintenance on these elaborate chariots. In addition to keeping the rickshaws up and running, you’ll be able to spot us out on the road, piloting these around as well. We’re looking forward to our partnership with LHO and all those we will be riding with!

Interested in volunteering starting this Spring? Please contact Luthern Homes of Oshkosh @ (920) 235-3454

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