Bicycle Infrastructure in Oshkosh *UPDATE*

Monday, May 23rd, Oshkosh City Hall hosted a public meeting regarding the installation of bicycle lanes on Irving Avenue, connecting the University to Menominee Park. A quick recap: the high majority, over 80% in attendance who partook in a survey, were in favor of the project, which is great news! Overall, the meeting followed a positive discussion, with minimal feedback from those against the install. The major concern from citizens against the project were that they may lose on street parking that is front of their property. With our recent parking counts, even at peak evening parking hours, Irving Avenue will still have over 75% of its possible spots open.

I urge you to please write your city council members to express your desire to have this project move forward. You can email all of your council members here: (link is on the right hand side of the page)…/Cit…/Members_Directory.asp

Any other questions? Please ask me! Store number is (920) 426-3020


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