Brake Check.

You like going fast, admit it.  Who doesn’t.  You tell your buddies that brakes are pointless, but let’s be real, when your brakes are dialed, you’re dialed.  You ride better, faster, and are simply in more control of the trail.  Brakes are something that is easily overlooked during your spring check on the bike.  I mean, you grab the lever, the bike stops, not much else to it, right? Wrong.  A properly setup brake gives you, the rider, a huge advantage to the guy with burnt coffee running through his brake hose.

(left) new Shimano mineral oil (right) 5+ year old Shimano mineral oil

You have something called modulation, which translates to controlled braking, none of that ‘on/off’ sensation, but an actual ability to keep that 28 pound trail dominator on the golden path.  So what do you do to keep things working in tip-top shape? Change your brake fluid, bleed that system of the gunk and let your caliper pistons smile, knowing they have some fresh, air-free fluid backing them up for when you forget the simple laws of physics and cannot indeed overcome the balance of loss of friction with the trail and your tires.  Yes, brakes are important, be faster with brakes that work for you, not against you.  Ride a lot? Want the best performance from your bike? We recommend a brake bleed annually.  Offered as an individual service, or as part of our Standard Plus Tune Package, let us help make you faster by helping you slow down better.


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