eBikes: an owner’s brief tale

#newbikedaycame last week, but now that she is accessorized, I can share her to the world 🤗and also go on a rant 🤣

This is my second #ebike. A lot of people knock e-bikes and discredit them, in a way. They’ll say things like riding one is “cheating”, or that “the bike does all the work for you”. Having put almost 800 miles on my first one (a #specialized#como) over the last year, I’ve got a different story to tell.

Here’s what an e-bike has done for me: It has allowed me to become more comfortable commuting in my city, especially while trailing my two kids behind me. When I’m cruising at about 20mph on city streets, I need to be more self-aware and confident in traffic. I’ve unlocked now familiar biking routes and am no longer anxious to find a path to where I need to travel by #bike. I’ve become more agile while riding and an e-bike has gotten me in the best #cyclingshape of my life, increasing my stamina. 

Also, these bikes have multiple assist levels, and I usually have it set in a high gear. I am definitely putting out effort. I’ve met SEVERAL people who have gotten them and said it reopened the door to cycling after they’ve suffered from arthritis or injuries – it’s a game changer that allows them to once again enjoy something they thought was lost to them.

Anyway, my point is, if you haven’t already tried an e-bike, I HIGHLY encourage you to test ride one and let it change your mind. They’re fantastic.


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