Cycling Without Age

Cycling Without Age is a program started by Ole Kassow, in Copenhagen, Denmark back in 2012. This program is built around the idea of getting the elderly or unable to cycle, out for a spin to enjoy a simple bicycle ride.

A ‘Triobike’ – image courtesy of Cycling Without Age

When we were first presented with an opportunity to partner with this program in 2015, we jumped on it. Miravida Living, and at the time, Luthern Homes of Oshkosh, was the first organization in the United States to partner with Cycling Without Age, and in turn, our partnership allowed us to be the first bicycle shop to offer any needed technical assistance. From simple tire checks to more in depth maintenance, we have been happy to offer our expertise to help these units get out anytime of the year for a ride.

Current US Cycling Without Age chapters as of Jan. 2019 – image courtesy of Cycling Without Age

Our involvement has grown to assisting nearby chapters in both Fond du Lac and Outagamie Counties and recently a personal delivery of two units to Northwestern Arkansas, in Bentonville. We’re looking forward to what 2019 and the future holds for this program. For more information, please visit Cycling Without Age on the web.

If you have interest in becoming a ‘pilot’ locally here in Oshkosh, please contact Miravida Living to setup a start date. The experience is very rewarding!

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