The Order of the Hrimthurs

Kenny Young, our sponsored ultra-distance specialist, had a stellar winter season this year. He became only 1 of 6 adventurers to complete the Ultra Endurance Winter Triple Crown. This includes completing the Tuscobia Winter Ultra (160 Mile), Arrowhead 135 and Actif Epica in one season (8 weeks).  In doing so, he entered ‘The Order of the Hrimthurs’. For winter ultra racing, this is the equivalent of winning the World Series, the Daytona 500, and beating Bobby Fisher in a round of chess. All in a season.

Kenny, at The Tuscobia, the first of three in entering The Order of the Hrimthurs

Kenny went through many challenges during this achievement, some of which included -30° temperatures (not including wind chill, conditions of the Arrowhead), knee to waist high snow drifts for dozens of miles (conditions of the Actif Epica), and crazy overall lengths of trail and terrain (conditions of the Tuscobia. For reference, 160 miles from the shop would put you in Rhinelander, WI)

In addition to support from the shop, Kenny is also sponsored by Terrene Tires and BarYak.

Cold? Nah, Kenny is all smiles!

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