Gift Card Challenge

Bored? Like riding bikes? Like WINNING? Here is a fun one to try…first one to get to the 100.0 mile mark and finds a gift card to the shop is the proud owner of a $100 card and, bonus!, the first to officially complete the mega-loop receives a gift card from our friends at Bare Bones Brewery!

Thank you Marc and Casey for getting the ride done and placing the card.

  1. Download the GPX file:

2. Be the 1st to the ‘100.0 Mile Mark’. This is where the Bago Bikes $100 gift card is located. Please ride your bike, additionally, there is only ONE gift card located here. If you’re the second rider to get to this point, you are unfortunately, the first. The first to miss out. lol

3. Complete the ENTIRE mega-loop on bike and stop by the shop, show us your official completed loop on either a GPS cycling computer file or similar app. Bare Bones will have you covered with your beer needs for a while!

4. Send questions to if you have them!

5. Enjoy.

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