The times, they are a changin’

I am pleased to announce that this fall, a familiar face of the shop and long time employee, Sean Lynch will be taking over as the new owner of the shop.  I’ve enjoyed the past 7 years, making a positive difference for cycling in Oshkosh and seeing more people get out on bikes each season.  While the current situation we find ourselves in with the pandemic played a role in ownership change, my primary focus is to spend more time with my family.  The time a small business of this nature requires led to a lack of time for other aspects of life and I simply do not want to miss out on such great years with my wife and young kids.  The sale of the shop to a recognized face and trustworthy friend leaves me feeling confident that the goal of more people riding and a continued focus on cycling in Oshkosh will continue on. 

During the transition, the shop will be closing starting October 18 and reopen in early November.  We will not be accepting new checked-in repairs, but will be able to help out with on the spot work until that date. 

In closing, I want to personally thank you for supporting the store, I’m glad to know the shop mission will continue on for years to come!


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