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eBikes: an owner’s brief tale

#newbikedaycame last week, but now that she is accessorized, I can share her to the world 🤗and also go on a rant 🤣

This is my second #ebike. A lot of people knock e-bikes and discredit them, in a way. They’ll say things like riding one is “cheating”, or that “the bike does all the work for you”. Having put almost 800 miles on my first one (a #specialized#como) over the last year, I’ve got a different story to tell.

Here’s what an e-bike has done for me: It has allowed me to become more comfortable commuting in my city, especially while trailing my two kids behind me. When I’m cruising at about 20mph on city streets, I need to be more self-aware and confident in traffic. I’ve unlocked now familiar biking routes and am no longer anxious to find a path to where I need to travel by #bike. I’ve become more agile while riding and an e-bike has gotten me in the best #cyclingshape of my life, increasing my stamina. 

Also, these bikes have multiple assist levels, and I usually have it set in a high gear. I am definitely putting out effort. I’ve met SEVERAL people who have gotten them and said it reopened the door to cycling after they’ve suffered from arthritis or injuries – it’s a game changer that allows them to once again enjoy something they thought was lost to them.

Anyway, my point is, if you haven’t already tried an e-bike, I HIGHLY encourage you to test ride one and let it change your mind. They’re fantastic.


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TIL #3: Drivetrain ‘Trim’

Bikes are simple.  They have two wheels and a chain, a derailleur that moves said chain from gear to gear, allowing you, the rider, an easy (or easier) time when riding your favorite routes.  As technology continues to evolve in the industry, improvements such as expansion of the drivetrain has occurred.  With this in mind, chainline, or the angle in which the chain is at from a cog on the cassette to a chainring on the crankset, has begun to experience some changes.  While some gear combinations are not the best for the bike, namely, the large chainring and largest cog on the back, or the dreaded small and small combo, the rider may need to put the bike into these combinations during times of peril.  In addition to a speedier means of wearing out the drivetrain, these combinations and others showing a similar chain angle, tend to make some noise…the solution, mostly found on ‘road bikes’ is the ability to ‘trim’ the front derailleur, these half-shifts allow the front derailleur to be best placed in relation to where the chain is lined up on the cassette.

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