Copper Harbor

Best of the midwest.  Top 5 of anywhere.  Copper Harbor has a ton to offer in trail selection.  Worth the trip!

Aurora Alley – OSHKOSH



Park in the Northwest corner of the Aurora Hospital Parking Lot.  Trail entrance is in the Northeast corner of the adjacent forest property.


***Please note: WHEN SNOW PRESENT, TRAIL IS OPEN FOR FATBIKE (>3.6″ tire / <10psi) RIDING ONLY.  Riding a bike that does not meet this criteria causes damage to the groomed trail, thanks!




Wiouwash – Southern Section

The southern section of the WIOUWASH trail offers a 22 mile crushed gravel connection between Oshkosh and Hortonville.  With a starting point in Oshkosh on the cities new River Walk, you can enjoy a day on the bike and upon returning to Oshkosh have the option of many fine dining venues.  Start your ride at Winnebago Bicycle and we’ll pump up your tires and help out with any other pre ride necessities.


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Washburn Lake

The trails are not well marked and it’s easy to get turned around, but if you’re looking for a technical ride, it’s a great place to get lost. Tight switchbacks and rocky, root covered terrain. Great trail system.

washburn lake

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This approximately 12 mile trail is full of tough climbs, off camber trails with all of the obstacles needed to classify it as highly technical single track. A lot of work, but a fantastic ride.


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Raven Trails

Raven Trails are just a few miles from Woodruff Wisconsin.Like many other Wisconsin trails systems, Raven Trails was first a X-country ski trail, but the Lambo Riders (the mtb club), doing the dirty work, have constructed some very cool singletrack that is not only technical but very pictureque as well.

raven trails

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Human Powered Trails

The Human Powered Trails are located just outside of the City of La Crosse. On County Hwy FA. There is a trailhead and parking lot right next to the National Weather Service Station. Look for the big golf ball (weather ball) in the sky!


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Hoyt Park

Very technical singletrack. Lots of roots, skree, and trees. Many paths to take, all about the same difficulty. Distance varies depending on route taken. These trails are little known to the public but the good riders find them to be very fun and challenging! Fast in certain areas, tricky in others. There is even a jump section on the south trail. Location: just south of 92nd & North Ave on Swan Blvd. Source: MTBR


Hickory Ridge

The Chippewa County forest offers a technical mountain biking experience. The absolute wilderness lets riders experience adventures through steep hills and valleys, over rocky terrain and circling glacial lakes.

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Hickory Ridge

Crystal Lake

Single track loaded with tight switchbacks, steep technical climbs, and even a log creek crossing. This trail has great flow and is well maintained. It’s hard to find, but well worth looking for. One of the best overall trails in Wisconsin. Don’t miss this one.

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Crystal Lake

Blue Mound

Like Rocks? Then Blue Mound is the place for you. Not far from the first trailhead, is a small cluster of rocks that test your abilities. A small scattering of rock gardens and rock bridges are strewn along the trail that will keep your scenes sharp. Unique to this trail are larger obstacles that can be ridden, or if you’re not up to it, you can avoid them by using the bypass provided. Each occurrence has a sign indicating the direction of each.

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Baird Creek

The West section (A) has the main parking lot and the double track for the family rides or the beginner. A web of trails (intermediate & advanced riders) break off of the main drag which head toward and follow the creek. Occasionally, these trails disappear or lead riders into a creek crossing. Prepare to get turn around. There are no directional signs anywhere. A continuous flowing ride is hard to achieve, but if you like to play, this is the spot.

The East side (B) gets crazy. Ridge lines follow the perimeter of the park and outlying areas with many off-shoots taking riders down into the creek bed. Small bridges lay over the high banked areas of the creek, however, these are not permanently fixed into the ground and may be moved off the main path. Suggestion: check bridges before going over at high speeds–prevent the possible endo and pain-numbing crash–HURTS. If you can stay on track, the scenery down in the creeks beds is worth the ride alone–very cool. The other area to ride is just up the road to the north (C). It’s kind of a freeride area with small down hills and jumps for the extreme rider–nothing special but it’s there. There is a small loop that takes you around into a wooded area, up into the backyard of a residential development and then back down and out. Again, nothing special, but if you want to keep on peddling, give it a try.

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Baird Creek Trail Map