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The right bike for you may not come from one manufacturer.  That is why we have partnered with leaders in the industry in regards to quality, technology, and ingenuity.

Contact us for assistance or stop by to see what we have in the shop!


We have a great relationship with our main brand at the store.  We feel Specialized is the best company in the bicycle industry in regards to their ability to offer riders an option for practically every discipline in cycling.  They are a brand that pushes the limits and in turn pushes the industry to continue to innovate and grow.  This philosophy trickles down through their entire lineup, bringing you the best advancements to make your experience awesome.  When talking bikes and cycling gear, you’ll hear us bring up Specialized nearly every time when discussing suitable options for you, the rider.  Want to do a little homework yourself? Check them out here:     After reviewing things on your own, please stop down to check them out in person and talk with one of our highly knowledgable team members.


Salsa’s mantra is ‘Adventure by Bike’, we seek to promote this idea by offering bike packing adventures, fat bike winter trips, and year-round commuting equipment. If you have a specific type of bike you are after for a specific type of riding, Salsa more than likely has you covered.  For more info, check them out here:


Devinci is a small manufacture of high grade aluminum and carbon frames in French-Canada.  If you are looking for a progressive spring-rate and super solid platform to shred your local trails, Devinci has your ticket.  Drop down to chat, we do not stock many, but have no issue bringing your dream bike in from north of the border!


BMX riding done right.  We The People offers solid frames with tops geometry and the right parts for all your shredding needs.  Check them out: We The People


Bikes are fun.  This is a brand that stands for that 110% of the way.  Making some of the most progressive mountain bikes on the market today, Transition is the bike industries version of the mullet, business up front and party in the back.  See why here.


Another BMX brand with a solid reputation and great product for all the shredding you want to do.  Fit has a lot to offer for any discipline of BMX riding.

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