Ben Neubauer

You can find Ben either winning the Wolf Man Tri on a typical year, dominating the WORS series in the Comp division, or commuting nearly everyday 7 miles through any and all conditions.

Ben has been with us from the start and we’re beyond excited to continue supporting him in his biking endeavors!

Kenny Young

Kenny finds his speciality in ultra events. From 135 miles in -30° temps to 100 miles with 13,000′ of climbing, a good number of his registered events are going to be an impressive challenge!

More info on Kenny coming soon

Marc Salm

From bikepacking adventures like Project Adventrus to race events like Marji Gesick, The Crusher, Tuscobia Winter Ultra, and 906 Polar Roll, Marc prefers events off the beaten path, especially new route exploration.

Kevin Lewis

Elite WORS racing and bike packing mastermind. Kevin’s moto of ‘bring hardly nothing and make it work’ is great to witness on trips!

Eric Rand

Going big on a MTB or BMX is this man’s specialty.

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