‘Wheelie Good Fit’ Kids Trade In Program

Why is there an additional $25 charge on my initial

This charge locks you into the program and also covers the cost of up to 3 youth sized helmets that can be obtained anytime while you are in the program

Can I use this for all of my kids?
You can, however each child requires an individual program account.

How many trade in’s can I do?
You can maximize the program at 6 total bikes, 5 of which would count as a trade in & a total of 3 helmets. When changing helmets, the previous MUST be present, safe condition, and then traded in. Program valid with Specializedkid’s bike & helmet options.

What is the full progression?
Bike: Balance – 12” – 16” – 20” – 24” – Adult Helmet: Toddler – Child – Youth

When can I start the program?
Anytime and at any size bike. The program is in place to
ensure a proper sized bike and helmet for your child. The
earlier you start, the more money you end up saving.

Can I trade in towards a trade in?
No, the program is setup to only trade in towards a new,
larger kid’s bike.

What can I expect as a trade in value?
You can expect a trade in value of 50% of the original retail value of the bike. The only exception is if the bike is
damaged. We evaluate all trade in’s at the time of trade in.

Any other advantage to starting the program?
Yes, being a program member ensures the highest trade in value we offer, generally 50% more than a non-program member would obtain.

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